Secure, unified, innovative: The Core Layer Technology

CLT - Core Layer Technology® is the name for a revolutionary networking strategy, conceived and created by ENTIRETEC, to support a completely user-oriented managed service platform. CLT is based around a simple but clever idea: by using central identity management, it becomes possible to specify fine-grained individual access to applications and data for every single user.

Based on the most up-to-date networking technology available, CLT operates as the central entity for authorizing, authenticating and administering your entire user population. This means every single user is held as a separate identity containing detailed individual preferences and authorizations. On top of that, intelligent interfaces connect CLT with every single related data bank.

So when your users log on, detailed access and authorization protocols work seamlessly and automatically to ensure they always have everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

CLT: tailor-made, flexible, secure, readily available

Our CLT networking technology is always customized to individual client requirements. For us, there are no standard solutions and no “it’ll do” mentality.

Not only will we meet your immediate requirements in precise detail, we will ensure total system flexibility, equipping you against the vagaries of an unpredictable future. We’ll build so that minor tweaks to process or major shifts in strategy can be implemented quickly and simply, and for the most part by your own staff. No longer is your corporate networking decision a rigid commitment: with CLT it becomes the first phase of a dynamic and flexible network solution.

CLT also enables optimal monitoring of all data access and data transfer, including the precise logging and checking of data streams. This translates into a simple and automatic system of data and rights management, with ready availability and maximum security.