Entiretec Careers

Become part of the ENTIRETEC teams and send us your application - we are looking forward to you. Below, we have compiled the most common questions about applications to ENTIRETEC for you.


Are the jobs still up to date?

Yes, all our offered jobs are up to date. After filling the vacancies the offers will be disabled.


Is there a deadline for applications?

All jobs are without notice and are valid as long as they are inserted.


Can I apply for several jobs at the same time?

Basically, multiple applications are possible. Please write a separate letter to each of them, referring to the relevant sections.


Can I apply for another offered job after a rejection?

Yes, we would be happy if you continue to apply yourself on job vacancies after a rejection.


When can I expect a response to my applications?

In general, applications will be processed within three weeks.


How do I submit my application for a ENTIRETEC?

You are welcome to use our online form to upload your CV. This can be found in every vacant jo offer among the "Start now"-Button.


What documents do I submit with my application?

Of course, you can design your application free to give your application a personal touch to showcase yourself in your own way. In any case we need from you each a cover letter, resume and relevant certificates.


Who can I send my application?

You are welcome to send your application to our contact person, Mrs Michaela Kunstmann. If you have any further questions you can contact us by calling the number specified in the job offer. Please note that applications can be uploaded via our online form.


Do I get a confirmation after submitting my application?

Once we has received your application submitted via the online form, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.


Do you offer internships?

No, because generally an internship amounts only to a period of a few weeks. In this short time it is not possible to provide in-depth knowledge in the complex network environment. We offer an alternative like a training position in our company.