The future

Controlling and co-ordinating network data in real time

The modern organization typically operates across several locations and external
partners. Supporting this model requires exceptional workflow processes and
constant information availability, both internally and externally. It implies high
levels of security, identity-based access and flexible control of data management.
In response to this complex and sensitive requirements specification we have
developed the intelligent Data and Information Warehouse.

In this model information is held in data centres clustered within the organizational
structure. The integrated CLT directory ensures synchronization between networks
and data centres, with management applications automatically self-monitoring and
updating. The organization’s own specialist applications and selected partner data
are integrated into the CLT architecture to create optimum flexibility, secure information
access and exceptional network performance. Core Layer Technology provides
individual user authentication and data access, making corporate intelligence fully
available to a tightly defined user base. This allows for highly targeted knowledge,
within and between mutually independent work groups. Business processes run more
smoothly, faster and more efficiently.