The future

The future is quantifiable, modular and flexible.

Against a background of escalating data volumes, many companies are asking: is there a technology comprising powerful autonomous modules which automatically manage data processing and communication?

Our answer is: Gridtelligence®.

Gridtelligence is a highly secure application platform based on CLT – Core Layer
Technology®.  The nodes of the grid are integrated intelligent modules connected
by individual power modules. They combine, synchronize and merge data, making
information available to each individual user as required. Communication is based
on an adaptive intelligence aligned to applications via two interfaces: the CLT and
the grid interface. User and network access is controlled by the CLT interface, while
the grid interface regulates intercommunication between the grid nodes.
With highly secure access to all internal data and information, scalability
and performance can be individually controlled without difficulty.

This co-ordinated component architecture based on next-generation
networks is already replacing classical server systems and clusters.
Gridtelligence moves beyond a model based on more and larger servers,
replacing this with a new model based onintelligent self-managing grid nodes.

With Gridtelligence, exceptional security, availability and flexibility is guaranteed.
The end product is flexible and easily controlled by the client, thus permitting
uncomplicated and ongoing adaptation.