The future

Reconciling the paradox of data security and network openness

In modern organizations the fundamental asset is information. Call it intelligence, knowledge, or expertise – it needs to be fully available to authorized users at the click of a mouse, whilst simultaneously protected with absolute security from everyone else.

This apparent paradox represents one of the great challenges for the corporate network. Our solution: Core Layer Technology.

CLT provides comprehensive and intelligent individual identity management and information access as an integrated security concept. As part of the wider network, it recognizes each user and authenticates and authorizes access on the basis of individual permissions. The CLT Management Directory is linked securely via intelligent interfaces to both the network and all organizational applications and services, so a single interface can provide authorized access to all users. Through central and identity-based management CLT provides an integral security system uniting control and checking functions. This creates the best basis for the development of a secure, powerful, and high performance network now, and into the future.