ENTIRETEC partners

We support and accompany you in your digitization projects.

ENTIRETEC is a member of the Innovation Alliance, a network of IT specialists, who have set themselves the task of opening up the opportunities of digitalization to the German mid-sized sector.

With a range of services specifically tailored to the needs of medium-sized businesses, we want to drive digitalization together with the Innovation Alliance to make your products more intelligent, your work more efficient, and your business more competitive.

Details under: https://www.innovationalliance.de/


Innovation Alliance roadshows: Learn what digitalization could means.

With the motto: "Paths instead of visions - digitization for medium-sized businesses", the Innovation Alliance partners would like to share their digitalization experiences during six roadshows.

Based on specific use cases, we show how medium-sized businesses have mastered their digital challenges and how your company could benefit from digitalization. Certainly, one event is also close to you.

Details under: https://www.innovationalliance.de/roadshow/


Innovation Alliance workshop: Find out how your digitization might look like.

There is not "the one digitization". There are only steps you can take or concrete solutions that fit your tasks.

To find out how "your digitalization" could look like, the Innovation Alliance offers 2-day workshops, which are individually tailored to your needs and show you concrete ways for your digitization.

Details under: https://www.innovationalliance.de/workshops/