Simple idea, complex possibilities

The task:

An international university with widely distributed teams and resources wanted to
provide unlimited access to data and applications for its people, institutions and
projects, no matter what country, building or department they were associated with.

The solution:

Core Layer Technology® was installed across physical buildings and geographical
areas to control and authenticate individual user access and data flow across the
entire institution.

Students gained access to learning resources via an interface to the internal infra-
structure, linked securely to the university information system. Lecturers, guests and
external partners gained access to their own services. Comprehensive and secure
conference management was implemented as an extended CLT sector function.
Future plans include extensive connectivity with other universities, plus a secure
infotainment system offering comprehensive multimedia and communication

The result:

Every user gained secure individualized access to data and applications, regardless
of physical location, while the university maintained control of all data streams.