Our experts are your resources.
Empower the potential of your company.

ENTIRETEC Managed Services accelerate your business.

Managed Services enhance your in-house expertise, relieve your IT resources and minimize your risks. They provide you with flexible and cost-effective alternatives for network and security administration and operation, giving your company the freedom you need to focus on your core business.

  • Business related & highly secure
    Network Services

    We develop, implement and operate complex virtual infrastructures and globally distributed corporate networks, into which we integrate mobility solutions on request.

  • Comprehensive & future-oriented
    Security Services

    We support you with integrated security services in order to professionalize IT security of your company and to minimize risks.

  • Efficient & reliable
    IP Management Services

    We provide flexible IP management services for an optimal administration of IP addresses and fail-safe operation of the critical base network services DNS and DHCP.

  • Forward-looking & proactive
    Monitoring Services

    We support you with comprehensive monitoring services for maximum network availability and optimal performance.

Tailored and scalable to your business processes

Advantages of Managed Services for your Business

Due to the modular structure, you determine type and precise scope always in connection with your in-house infrastructure. The advantage: You no longer have to stock up all technologies and know-how yourself, but you can rely on us as absolute specialists.

Benefit from most modern technologies, strategic development and a uniform service platform with worldwide availability.
Enhance the expertise of your IT team with our experienced specialists and free your resources for own business-oriented tasks.
Our Operations team guarantees 24x7 a high service quality due to proactive support with customized SLAs, centralized identity and service management, and consistent standards in all locations.
Reduce high investment costs and get predictable costs for IT as well as a better service transparency through our web-based Managed Services Portal.