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In today’s connected world, your network is your business. That means it must be stable and secure around the clock. Downtime would have devastating consequences. But not only availability, but also optimal performance must be ensured, whether for connections between your locations or to the Cloud.

We offer manufacturer-independent, standardized monitoring services that is tailored to the needs of your company. Experienced experts monitor the network and security 24×7 and support you in the proactive operation of your infrastructure.

Your IT Data Always at Your Fingertips. In Real Time

All information is consolidated, analyzed and graphically displayed on our Service Portal. Get cross-vendor visibility and identity-based access to all service-related information – anywhere, on any device, in real time​.

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Tailor-made dashboards offer a comprehensive view of the components integrated in the service. Individual service reports provide meaningful insights that support you in your future IT planning.

Seamless Upgrade to Managed Service


Entrust us with the full operational responsibility. Our experienced experts operate your infrastructure 24×7 and securely according to ITIL standards and tailored SLAs. We not only monitor your network; we proactively operate it and fix problems before you even notice them.

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Your Benefits

24×7 Proactive, Company-wide Monitoring

Get a holistic view of your network and security infrastructure.

Maximum Performance, Availability and Security

Early problem detection prevents costly network interruptions and downtime.

Fast Analytics and Response

We process network events and inform your team about problems.

Your Network in Detail

Meaningful data enable forecasts for future network planning.

Comprehensive Support

We support your team with Lifecycle, Capacity, Incident, Problem and Asset Management.