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Our focus is on people. Each employee has their own experience and story. And every story is a part of ENTIRETEC. Get to know some of your future colleagues.

Employee Stories

Anna Hutsch, Service Manager

Anna Hutsch, Service Manager

When we met Anna during the application process, she was backpacking Australia. Her charming personality quickly convinced us and we directly hired her as a service manager …

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Ahmad Asfour, Support Engineer

Ahmad Asfour, Support Engineer

Ahmad has been living in Germany since 2015. Before that, he completed an IT degree in Ukraine and worked as a network engineer in Syria for several years. In Germany, he initially worked for a municipal housing company …

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At ENTIRETEC we meet as people. Just as we do for our employees, we have a sincere interest in the welfare of their families. Due to an open and trusting relationship between employees and managers, flexible working hours and mobile working, we offer the greatest possible freedom. In this way, we create the balance between work and family.

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Sebastian Kirk – Recruiter & Talent Manager

Sebastian Kirk
Recruiter & Talent Manager

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