Martina Glänzer, Head of Sales

In the fall of 2019, I started at ENTIRETEC as a Bid Manager. From my previous work in the bidding and tendering business, I already knew that I was heavily deadline-driven in this role. These deadlines are often EOB (End of Business) or even Monday 10am. And the Bid Manager is always the final one to hand over the quote. So it was clear to me: With 2 small children and a daily commute of about 30 km, it will be a challenge to keep the daycare hours.

We have already discussed this topic openly during the application process. The assurance of flexible working (both in terms of space and time) was implemented from day 1. In the meantime, I manage the sales team and, despite the management role, I am still intent on spending as much time as possible with my family. So every now and then I use the afternoons for joint outdoor activities and work when the kids are asleep. It is great that my colleagues and also the management of ENTIRETEC have a similar attitude – so calls on the fringe of normal working hours are also possible from time to time and very efficient. And at the latest since the Corona pandemic, everyone is probably familiar with children playing in the background of a video conference.

Martina Glänzer